About EPRG

EPRG is made up of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from various first responder disciplines. They are emergency managers, fire chiefs, EMS supervisors, hospital directors, physicians, public health planners, law enforcement officers, emergency service educators; whatever the needs are, EPRG can assemble the best possible team with the most pertinent experience to make your project a success.

The mission and vision of Emergency Preparedness Resource Group, LLC,
is to utilize Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and practical experience to provide comprehensive, customized emergency preparedness planning and consultation.

By selecting outstanding professionals from the appropriate fields, EPRG is able to assemble the most effective and efficient team possible to meet the needs of every client. EPRG staff and contracted SMEs have extensive experience at the agency, local, regional, state and national levels. What makes us so unique is that we are doing the assessing, planning, facilitating, responding, collaborating, teaching, drilling, preparing and implementing on a daily basis within our respective agencies. The collective skill sets and real world experience of our SMEs allow us to put together the most effective team to get the job done.



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