What We Do

Emergency Preparedness Resource Group, LLC (EPRG), is a consulting company with access to the most experienced professionals in the country currently working in various areas of emergency preparedness.
Established to assist public and private sector agencies in meeting their preparedness needs, EPRG works on preparedness initiatives in various first responder disciplines around the country.

With the realization that EPRG’s network of contacts and colleagues are some of the most experienced preparedness professionals in the country and can lead the way in areas of preparedness planning and collaboration, it has became apparent that agencies in both the public and private sector can benefit from these individuals and EPRG’s ability to deliver a customized product.

These realizations have lead EPRG to recruit talented colleagues to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on projects requiring their expertise. This allows EPRG to utilize the necessary and exact resources needed to fulfill a client’s request and situates EPRG as a flexible, diverse and adaptable company.

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